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Benefits of Passion Fruit You Need to Know

You must be familiar with passion fruit. Who would have thought, it turns out there are many benefits of passion fruit that we can get, you know! The nutritional content in this fruit can provide a lot of good for the body, ranging from preventing various diseases to maintaining a healthy body. Even though the name is passion fruit, actually what is consumed is the seeds of passion fruit. This unique fruit has a sweet and sour taste and is refreshing. There are two types of passion fruit that are commonly found in Indonesia, namely purple passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) and yellow passion fruit (Passiflora flavicarpa). Purple passion fruit has smaller size than yellow passion fruit and sweeter taste. Know the Benefits of Passion Fruit In 1 passion fruit, contained about 80-100 calories. Passion fruit contains a variety of nutrients that are important for the body, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, complex carbohydrates, fiber, iron, and potassium. In addition, this fruit also cont
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Types of Lung Disease You Need to Know

Often experience shortness of breath, prolonged cough, or the sound of breathing sound (wheezing) can be a sign of problems in the lungs. What are the common types of lung disease? Check out the following article so you can anticipate it. The lungs are one of the organs that play an important role in carrying out the respiratory system (breathing). When air reaches the lungs, there will be an exchange between oxygen from outside the body and carbon dioxide from the blood. If the lungs experience interference, then this process will also be disrupted. Types of Lung Disease The following are various diseases that can attack the lungs: 1. Pneumonia Pneumonia is an infection that causes the air sacs in the lungs to become inflamed and swollen. Pneumonia is often called a wet lung, because in this condition, the lungs can be filled with fluid or pus. The cause of pneumonia is a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. Transmission of this infection occurs through germ-contaminated ai

How To Whiten Skin Fast With Supplements

Almost every woman craves white and smooth skin. However, to get it is not easy. One way that can make the skin turn white is by taking skin whitening supplements. There are various types of skin whitening supplements available on the market. For those who are interested in taking skin whitening supplements, you should consult your doctor first. Various Bleach Supplements One skin whitening supplement that is easily found is glutathione supplement. The glutathione content contained in this supplement is actually already produced naturally by the body, it's just that, with age, glutathione supply will decrease. Glutathione can help the body fight free radicals, help detoxify and make skin appear whiter and cleaner. This is what causes glutathione supplements to be consumed as a skin whitening supplement. Besides taking glutathione supplements, to get whiter skin, you can also take other skin whitening supplements, such as: Vitamin C Supplements Consumption of vitamin C su